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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Turkey’s jammer plane may take off soon

Looking to improve its defense capability, Turkey has launched a tender for a stand-off jammer, an aircraft equipped with a jamming system. Several companies have proposed bids for the production of the plane.

The stand-off jammer will have the capability to paralyze air defense systems from a distance of 400 kilometers, an effective assistance in air raids. For instance, a jammer plane can render long-range, radar-guided missiles from the Syrian regime and S-300 missiles Greece deployed on the Aegean islands ineffective.

The aircraft can jam radar, radio and phone systems effectively from a safe distance. Any long-range missile threat will be eliminated without the execution of the country's air defines systems, thanks to the airborne jammer. Warplanes escorted by the jammer aircraft essentially turn into "phantom" planes, as it makes their detection by enemy air defense impossible.

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