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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ardglass fishing trawler "could have been sunk' by submarine caught in its nets

Karen trawlerThe crew of a fishing trawler claim the vessel could have been sunk after a submarine caught in its nets and dragged it backwards.

The incident happened 16 miles off the Co Down coast this evening.

The skipper of the Ardglass-based prawn trawler discovered its nets had been snagged and the vessel was being dragged backwards.

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  1. I think the part which claims they have lost thousands of pounds worth of gear, says it all.
    Also they only mention NATO or UK submarines,why have they not made any mention of Russian vessels, who just lately have been much in evidence around our waters. O'h dear it couldn't be that they know very well they wouldn't get any compensation by going down that route,would they.
    At the moment a very large exercise is taking place off north coast of Scotland, one would expect our Russian friends to be in the area monitoring this event, so possibly one of their boats transiting the area. Sorry chaps,try again.

    1. The Russians are monitorring the exercise, legally. No need to enter a crowded area with a submarine.

    2. Yes I am aware of the monitoring that is in place, but do you honestly believe that will stop the Russians from carrying out underwater intel gathering.
      Recording engine noises particularly from other submarines,surface ships to add to their data banks. of course we do the same, but I am saying that is why there is every possibility of a Russian boat being in the area.
      I would imagine their are aspects in these war games that the inspectors won't get to see, as it would be when we send our teams to monitor them.


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