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Sunday, June 07, 2015

PLA's MIRV-equipped missiles may pose threat to US

DF-31 (CSS-9) ICBMAs China's missile defense technology develops, the country's anti-ballistic technology has seen a parallel rise, according to Sina's military news web portal.

In the Cold War era the US and Russia armed their anti-ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. The US Sentinel Program and the Soviet A-35 system were the biggest profile anti-ballistic missile systems of the time.

Although these two systems could theoretically intercept ballistic missiles, the nuclear warheads would explode over their home territory at a high altitude, leading to irreparable damage.

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  1. Anonymous8/6/15 10:51

    What about the huge no of US nm?They are a fatal threat to the security of China.The US has to be realistic.This is 2015 and believe me,the gunboat/carrier missile diplomacy will be coming to an end soon.
    The US cannot expect to be athreat to China with the Chinese accepting it. The PLA will make sure shd China come under attack,the US wont escape unscathed as in the past.That's why China must have a secure ,reliable and invulnerable nuclear strike retaliatory power.

  2. Anonymous24/6/15 01:19

    The US says its navy will fly,sail and operate where international law allows. This is the language of a gangster.This is to enable the US to conduct offensive,not defensive ,operations against who else,but China.
    China aint apeer of the US military but by God they will have enough firepower to deter and destroy US carriers coming to within 500 km of China's coastline.
    That's why China will have to build more capable,offensive and defensive,weapons to deter such actions.The problem is the US is still stuck in the cold war mindset .China aint the SU.Though its military aint as threatening as the SU,over the long term its
    stronger economy will enable it to generate more weapons.
    China is aint aiming for mad. The capability to retaliate and inflict
    awesome destruction will do. The antimissile shield is a waste of money and wont buy 100% defence.
    The best option is not to use nw.


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