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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Supersonic Missiles Deployed on China’s New Warship

Type 056 (Jiangdao) class FSThe Chinese regime has commissioned a new naval ship, specialized in anti-ship warfare. Included in its arsenal is the YJ-83 supersonic missile.

Supersonic missiles are cutting edge, and the Chinese regime’s development of the new weapons which can reach speeds and distances that are difficult to defend against, has many defense experts worried.

“Department of Defense (DOD) officials believe the YJ-83 is part of China’s ongoing effort to develop a long-range strike capability against U.S. naval forces, especially aircraft carriers,” reports defense analysis website

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  1. Anonymous11/6/15 04:05

    The days when US gunboat /carrier coercion without cots are over. Get real.This is 2015.China will make sure any carrier lurking with evil intent in China's backyard will have to contend with supersonic missiles.
    Oh the carriers have anti missile defence systems designed to destroy in coming missiles.Well the PLA will simply swarm the defences and make sure the carriers stay far away from China.
    There is no need to attack them. Just keep them far from harm's way.
    Of course China aint no match for the US. However I believe the US wont tangle with China for the simple reason that unless US vital interests are at a stake,it will be a sky high price to pulverize China with conventional and nuclear power.Btw,China can retaliate not only on the battlefield but on the conus.This is a marked change from previous years.
    The US military wont have afield day like in Iraq and Vietnam. They will be subject to Chinese attack and policy makers will have to think about the new China.

  2. Anonymous12/6/15 08:55

    It is the US quest for 100% complete security and freedom of actioni e to coerce China,that is provoking the PLA missile buildup
    of supersonic and mach 10 speed miissiles.
    Believe me the Chinese wont stop until they have the 99.9%capability to deter US nuclear blackmail.They aint on a sprint to
    parity with US power.
    The US maybe able to deliver hundreds if not thousands of nm on China. China just need twenty to fifty to cause massive damage on US assets . The PLA may plan upwards of at least a hundred to nm
    to give China near assured destruction capability which even the anti missile shields wont protect US.
    Btw,China aint going for mad but 50 to 70% will do and enough to cause the WH to mull carefully in case intoxicated with its overwhelming power is tempted to launch an strike.

  3. Anonymous24/6/15 02:20

    This is to serve notice on the US that its navy can't operate in China's backyard and be immune from attack.As time goes on China's missile s will be able to travel faster. I know the US
    has a missile that can shoot down such missiles.
    China's missiles aint agame changer. It is to impose costs which will rise with time.

  4. Anonymous12/7/15 08:53

    The US has dubbed China's D41 missile a threat to its navy. In fact the US is the greatest threat to China. Why the hell is its navy in China's backyard? To defend the US?The carrier is an offensive weapon.
    The D41 is designed for defence. .A Chinese analyst has likened the US to a convict wandering outside your house.You can't trust a convict so you have to be prepared so the PLA like the good scout has to be on alert all the time.
    Hence the D 41. In time to come there will be more upgrades.China has no need to attack the US. Its the other way.
    The Chinese will make sure the costs associated with such attacks will increase as the PLA gets stronger.


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