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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Made in Britain? The Saudi-led attack on a Yemeni refugee camp

Saudi Erofighter TyphoonOn Monday, a Saudi-led coalition apparently dropped bombs on a refugee camp in northern Yemen. It’s perfectly likely that, as they have admitted before, the Saudis may have used jet fighters that were made in the UK.

After all, Saudi Arabia is the UK defence industry’s largest export market. More than 40 innocent people died. Around 200 were injured, many seriously. The Yemeni state news agency showed pictures of dead children laid out on the floor.

Apparently, the Saudis were trying to hit a nearby Houthi rebel position.

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1 comment:

  1. More hand wringing, wiling and gnashing of teeth from the 'Guardian'.
    What a biased report if I may say so, why is it that Guardian insists on trying to denigrate the UK at every oportunity.
    As far as I am aware the Saudis are equipped with F15's, F16's,from the US as well as Tornado's and Typhoons from the UK.
    Just because in this instant it is alleged that it was Typhoons that carried out the attack, he then seems to lay the blame of all the ills on the the UK.
    Does this person actually think that if the UK unilaterlaly stopped selling arms to the Saudi's, then these attacks would stop. As far as I am concerned it is about time that the Middle Eastern country's took responsibility for their own area of influence, and being as they don't have and arms manufacturing capability themselves (as far as aircraft are concerned) then they are going to buy them from abroad. If BAE didn't sell them, then France and Dassault are just waiting for the opportunity to nip in and do the deal.
    Apart from which the US is by far the biggest provider of arms to middle eastern states. We in this country have too many people of the likes of the author of this article, who are only to happy to lay the blame for the woes of the world, on the country which provides him with a damn good living, and the free speech that goes along with it.
    If he is so in love with the Yemen, then perhaps he might like to go out and help the people there.
    Yes and I am one of the people who do know about that God foresaken place, having been based in the Persian Gulf during the troubles in that country during the sixties. I well remember having to be driven to the NAFFI in an armoured bus in case a grenade was thrown at us.Then sitting in a compound surrounded by a barbed wire topped fence to 'enjoy' our so called R@R.
    The author is a disgrace to this country.


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