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Friday, February 06, 2015

UK criticised for trivial anti-IS involvement

RAF Panavia GR4 TornadoThe UK Defence Select Committee has criticised the government for conducting a mere 6% of the air strikes that are being carried out against Islamic State militants in Iraq.

The Royal Air Force has been contributing aircraft and personnel to the effort since parliament authorised British air strikes in September, but the committee has claimed in a new report that with consideration of the expertise and resources at its disposal, the UK could and should play a much larger role.

Although this is one of the “most extreme threats” facing civilisation in some 20 years, Rory Stewart, chairman of the committee, says that the UK’s role in combating it is “strikingly modest".

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  1. Who are these people in Parliament, who whilst slashing the UK's defences to historicaly low levels then want us to commit to another war.
    All three services are struggling to carry out the commitments they have already been tasked with,and these idiots of politicians dare to ask them to do more.
    After 14yrs of Afghanistan where the UK fielded the second largest contingent of troops and equipment,only behind the vast resources of the USA. Where we lost the second highest number of personel, once again only behind the USA. I think it's high time some of the country's who only put token numbers of troops into that hell hole,and also pulled them out early,now stand up and be counted. Let them carry the weight for a while
    The British public are sick and tired of our troops being used in these hopeless,god forsaken country's whilst at the same time seeing them being made redundant on return home from the wars.
    Give these bloody politicians the chance to go and fight with them and see what these troops have to do, instead of sitting safely in Parliament on their big fat backsides.


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