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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

China's Submarine Hunting Plane Has A Giant Stinger

Y-8Q MADChina is making serious efforts to correct its longstanding deficiency in aerial Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), introducing the Shaanxi Y-8Q (also designated as the Y-8GX6) aircraft painted in the blue-gray People's Liberation Army Navy Air Force (PLANAF) colors into operation.

Previously, two Y-8Q prototypes had been flying for the past several years as part of a rigorous testing and training regimen. Until this month, China's only long-range aerial ASW capability came from three Harbin SH-5 seaplanes, which are nearly thirty years old.

The Y-8Q is designed to overcome Chinese ASW deficiencies that would cripple Chinese naval and civilian maritime activity in war.

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  1. Anonymous7/3/15 06:52

    China has to make sure its nuclear missiles are able to respond to any US attempt to neutralize it. It shd increase its to at least a thousand nm. In the event the US is able to destroy 90% of it (highly unlikely)at least a hundred will streak towards US targets.
    This will make the n attack by the US highly risky.
    Its like 2 dudes fighting. On can kill the other but the other will suffer such crippling injury he find impossible it to survive.
    The US military aims to make a n attack on the US unlikely. Therefore you don't use nm.If you were to use them,all bets are off.
    Btw,the PLA will keep modernising China's subs and nm to make sure China can withstand any US coercion and attack.
    This is 2015 and though China can be defeated or wiped of f the world map,the price the US will have to pay will be unimaginable

  2. Anonymous8/3/15 09:15

    This report and others about China's military portray the PLA in a negative light.Add to the current friction in SEA and China's problem with Japan over the islands,the US is welcomed as a hero.
    Nothing is further from the truth. You have US planes carrying out spy missions and US carriers in China's backyard. Even a US magazine has questioned claims about China's aggressive stance saying it is the US which is aggressive.
    In the first place there are no PLA planes and ships loitering off the US coast.
    You draw your own conclusions. This anti sub killer is one of China's weaponry so that the PLA can give a credible account if China comes under attack
    So far the US hasn't tangled with an adversary who can respond to US attacks .NV was close but not deadly enough.China maybe outclassed and outgunned but it can give the US a bloody nose.


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