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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Deployment of the Iranian regime's IRGC in the Port of Assab in Eritrea

According to obtained reports, the mullahs’ regime has recently deployed military forces and equipment in one of the ports of Eritrea.

The African Affairs branch of the terrorist Qods Force is an organ that implements the regime’s goals of exporting fundamentalism to Africa. One of the targeted countries in northern Africa is Eritrea.

According to intelligence reports, in recent weeks, the mullahs’ regime has installed long-range and anti-aircraft missiles, and has deployed a number of members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the outskirts of Eritrea’s Port of Assab near the Red Sea. This initiative by the mullahs takes place in the context of agreements the regime had signed in Asmera with the government of Eritrea.

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  1. Anonymous4/1/09 19:58

    Another echo, this time from an Iranian opposition organization, nearly identical to the original report from an Eritrean opposition organization. But no new allegations or evidence, just the "intelligence sources" phrase.

    Note that the repeated accusation that the Iranians evaded the huge multinational fleet in the Gulf of Aden by using submarines as cargo ships. This is obviously all wrong; Iran does not have any submarines that can carry launchers for long-range missiles. The internal stowage and hatches simply aren't large enough. The big US subs might be able to carry a few launchers, but they're twice the size of the Iranian Kilos and were designed to carry SEAL teams and swimmer vehicles. The Kilos were not.

    Finally, the Eritrean government is deeply disliked by the West for its support of Islamic groups in Somalia. There is a large US/French facility within easy flying distance and constant surveillance of the southern part of the country in order to prevent the passage of arms across the border. If an Iranian submarine docked in Eritrea and unloaded weapons, it would have been seen. This is almost certainly invented out of whole cloth and we should be mindful of Machiavelli's warning that exiles are the least reliable sources of information about a country. Especially since we have recently made the mistake of listening to such exiles.


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